Priyanka Chopra Dating Again

Rumors all aver Bollywood are that the young and beautiful actress Priyanka Chopra is dating once again. Her newest boyfriend called Sahil Shroff is a newcomer in the movie world of Bollywood. However, he is also very famous for his modeling career. In his debut movie he stars alongside beautiful actress Priyanka Chopra in the “Don 2” film, directed by Farhan Akhtar. Although in the movie Sahil pays only a character part, he has managed to be quite important in Priyanka’s life.

The sexy actress has just recently broken up by actor Shahid Kapur. However it seems that she hasn’t wasted any time in finding a replacement for him. Sources close to the actress say that the new couple seems very happy in very much in love.

In addition, it appears that the two actors are also very good friends. From the beginning of the filming for ‘Don 2’ the actress Priyanka Chopra helped new comer Sahil Shroff with his acting. She offered him valuable tips that turned out to be very helpful to the young actor.

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