Priyanka never dated Shahid ?!

New Delhi: The Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra manages to hit the headlines once more due to her on and off relationship with the actor Shahid Kapoor. This time, Priyanka started a discussion online, trying to spot all rumors that say that she and Shahid were dating. The actress insisted that they are not together. It is true that the two have never confessed their love in public, but to hear Priyanka shouting out loud that she is not dating the “Kaminey” actor, now that’s different.

This little confession came on Priyanka’s voice blog. She also stated that she is being linked with the actor because the two share a good report, but other than that, there is nothing going on between them. The two are very good friends, but nothing more, and their friendship has been misunderstood by the press.

The actress promised that when she would find a boyfriend, she would gladly share the news with her fans, and would not try to hide behind curtains. She sees no reason to why she would lie to her fans.

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