Priyanka upset, Shahid desperate

Mumbai: The famous Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is very upset with her boyfriend, Shahid Kapoor, for reasons only known by the two of them. She is so miffed, that she decided the time has come for their relationship to come to an end.

Shahid does not feel the same, and he is now desperate to show Priyanka how much he loves her, and make her go back to him. This is harder than he originally thought, as the actress shows no signs that she could be changing her mind.

As soon as Priyanka returned from Malaysia, where she was shooting for the film “Don 2”, Shahid started covering her up with flowers and text messages saying how much he is sorry and misses her. According to a source, their brake up came as a result of their many disputes and fights.

Rumor has it that this is the real reason why Priyanka was away on Shahid’s birthday. She planned her trip to USA around that date so there would not be any speculations in the press.

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