Priyanka’s fright at the award event

Mumbai: We all know that the King is used to mimic others and mock his fellow actors and actresses. Well, this time it was Shahrukh Khan’s turn to be mocked, and the one who had the courage to stand up to him was Priyanka Chopra.

At an award event, Priyanka did her own mimicry of various films and actors nominated for an award. SRK was one of them. She enacted the actor as he appeared in the film “My Name Is Khan”, and the audience found the act quite refreshing and funny, until one point, when Shahrukh, who was in the audience, stood up and shouted to Priyanka: ‘Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai’, Hamari Film Ka Mazak Uraya Ja Raha Hai’.

There are no words to describe the face Priyanka made when she heard this. The people in the crowd also turned to Shahrukh and could not believe their ears. Almost immediately after, the King shouted again ‘Tum pehli baar itni khoobsurat lag rahi ho’, and everybody started breathing again.

We can all see the moment tomorrow evening, on Zee TV.

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