Punam Sinha gets Akshay chubby

Mumbai: Actress Sonakshi Sinha’s mother, Punam Sinha has a lot on her mind these days, as she has to be very careful about the dishes she cooks for her daughter’s co-star, actor Akshay Kumar. For the actor, Punam made “Ghar Ka Khana”, a dish that Akshay loves.

According to a source, Akshay speaks of Punam as the lady with hands of gold, and the ebst master chef I know.’ The actor has forgotten all about his diet, and he now tastes everything that Punam makes for him. Mustard fish is one of the dishes that Akshay loves from the Bengali food that Mrs. Sinha prepares for him.

Punam stated that she loves to cook, as it is therapeutic for her. She even joked about Jennifer, Akshay’s fitness expert, being mad at her for getting the actor and other members of the crew of the film “Joker” throw away their diets and get chubby.

Getting some homemade food is always a delight, especially for the actors who tour and spend time away from home, during their shootings.

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