Ra One inspired from Hollywood’s Terminator

In spite of the fact that great stuff is been written about Shah Rukh Khan’s science fiction Ra One, we just can’t help wondering if this movie is inspired by Hollywood’s Terminator 2:Judgement Day. Though we may wonder if we are on the right track or not, King Khan’s quote on his role in Ra One surely helps us pat our backs. “I am essaying the role of G.One or better say Jeevan, a superhero that saves the mankind from Ra.One’s torment,” said the My Name Is Khan star.

Terminator too had a similar storyline where the female lead played by Linda Hamilton and his son are in great danger & the terminator becomes their savior; in Ra One Kareena Kapoor is said to be playing  the role of a mother to an eight year old.  Considering that the Arnold Schwarzenegger sequel was released way back in 1991, Ra One releases twenty years later & its special effects would definitely be worth watching.

Ra.One stands for “Random Access: Version One” as well as the mythological character Raavan. The movie will have special appearances from many Bollywood stars and Chinese-American actor Tom Wu would be part of the film. Though tom’s role was meant for Jackie Chan, due to some reasons he couldn’t accept the offer. The movie is also in news for its track Chammak Challo which is the first Bollywood song of Senegalese American R&B singer Akon. The movie is scheduled for a Diwali release on 26th October.


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