Rajinikanth’s Website Runs Without an Internet Connection!

For a change this is not a joke or a mere jig taken on the megastar Rajinikanth, but is actually true! A newly created website which is dedicated to the southern superstar Rajinikanth runs ‘without internet connectivity’.

This one and first of its kind website has been developed by a famous Bollywood news portal, desimartini.com and the link to it is http://www.desimartini.com/allaboutrajni.htm.

This definitely was something beyond anyone’s imagination. But Webchutney, the developers of this site made it possible and they say that this site runs on Rajini power and not internet. So in a way the saying that nothing is impossible for Rajinikanth has come true.

Webchutney designed this site for desimartini.com and was inspired by Rajinikanth to create this site which is unique in almost every way possible. They wanted to dedicate this site to superstar Rajinikanth on his 61st birthday.

Who ever visits the site www.allaboutrajini.com is first greeted by a warning that “He is no ordinary man, this is no ordinary site. It runs on Rajini power” and then they are advised to turn off their internet connection to browse through the website. And if by chance anyone while browsing through this site connects the internet, a message box pops up on the screen which states, “Aiyyo! That was unexpected. To keep browsing, switch off your internet”. So it is recommended that you keep your internet connection switched off while browsing through this extraordinary site.

This site is all about Rajinikanth and contains many interesting stuffs regarding him. A fan can log on to this site and view all his images, stunts and can read quite a few interesting jokes on him, all of this is available in one destination. The first thing that you will find after entering the site is three sections which are: Rajinikanth the superstar, the legend and the man. You can choose any and get to know about Rajinikanth.

This is something completely unbelievable but it definitely portrays the larger than life image and reputation of Rajinikanth among his die – hard fans. This site has received some phenomenal response and has become a huge hit among the Rajinikanth fans across the world with thousands of hits already and still counting. Fans all around the world have been sharing the link of this website on various social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and increasing its popularity among people.

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