Ranbir and his rickshaw experience with Imtiaz

Mumbai: The colored film “Hum Dono” was finally released, and the highly expected premiere saw the gathering of an incredible number of Bollywood celebrities and bigwigs of the industry. The legendary Dev Anand superstar was the main reason for all these VIPs to gather, as they wanted to pay their respect to the star.

However, the actors and directors from the younger generation such as, let’s say, Ranbir Kapoor and Imtiaz Ali have decided to spend their time differently. If one was passing by in Andheri on that night, one would have been shocked at sight of Imtiaz and Ranbir which got on a rickshaw.

Rumors are that after they made their presence at the premiere, Ranbir was in a hurry to get home. Such a hurry, that he could not wait for his car not a single moment longer. So the actor thought to himself he would take a rickshaw instead. Passing through the crowd to get to car seemed too difficult, while hailing for a rickshaw was at the tip of his fingers, so he and director Imtiaz Ali jumped in at went to Bandra.

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