Ranbir Kapoor enjoys partying with two babes – Anushka and Riya

Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor, the playboy of Bollywood film industry, is the one guy who has been in news for all the good and bad reasons – good because of his acting skills and movies and bad for his link ups and affairs with the gorgeous and sexiest women of the film trade. He is notorious for raising love swings with his costars who he works in any movie. Pick any of his movies, his affairs built up during the making of the films.

And the interesting thing is that he breaks up with the babes after the movies releases – great thing and philosophy to enjoy life and relationships. The rare women like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif are the ones who he tried and even re-built the romantic rapports. Deepika is the one whom he shared a bit long relationship. Katrina Kaif, the super beautiful gal of the fraternity, is another babe Ranbir likes dating time and again even after the breakup.

These days, he is shooting and romancing (as per the sources and reports) with his ex-flame Padukone and both are seen together enjoying life. With Katrina Kaif, who too is his ex-girlfriend, Ranbir is seen dating quite often. She is found hitting the studios where he is shooting. She goes straight to his home and blah blah. Things are moving and the actor is really enjoying his playboy status.

Recently he went out with the curvy beauty Anushka Sharma and they both partied together (as per reports) but later post the party’s wind up, he was seen coming out with another bombshell the sultry Riya Sen. Wow, he enjoyed the party inside with the two babes – Anushka and Riya. He went with Anushka and came out with Riya. Good…great going…man!

Well, Ranbir…keep on till the babes are after you.

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