Ranbir Kapoor spotted kissing a mystery woman

Mumbai: Bollywood’s playboy Ranbir Kapoor is widely famous for enjoying the B-Town gorgeous and sexy women but this guy is not limited only to Bollywood babes rather he also enjoys the company of other women outside the Bollywood brigade. Yes, he loves the company of women since he does not appear to be a one woman’s man. Recently he was in New Delhi for shooting an ad where he was spotted kissing a mystery girl.

This is what happened that Ranbir was at a five star hotel in the wee hours of the morning and the place where he existed was dimly lit. He approached to a girl and began kissing her. The sources say that this mystery girl is not a Bollywood babe but is the daughter of a well-known businessman from Mumbai.

Ranbir is being spied at lot by the paparazzi who are always after him grabbing the camera in hand to get the spicy stories. He is often seen enjoying quality time with Bollywood babes – mostly with his ex-flames – Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif. He is currently spending time with both the ladies in a manner where it appears as I if he has reunited with them. But in actual, the fact is something else that lets us know that he is just interested in enjoying their company.

Recently Katrina was spotted at his residence and not just once rather twice she was seen there. With Deepika too, he keeps on having fun time with her. Katrina was even seen having lunch with him on the sets where Ranbir was shooting.

Now he was seen kissing a new babe – a true Playboy, this guy is in every sense of the word. Keep it up, Mr. Ranbir Kapoor – when the babes do not have any problem, what’s the problem?

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