Ranbir kissed Katrina in public

Mumbai: It seems that the new couple formed by Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor simply cannot stay far away from each other. After denying that there is something between the two, they have finally confessed they are together. How, one may wonder? With the sweetest gesture a couple in love could do: they kissed in public.

And not just anywhere. The two picked out a very romantic spot: the international flight LH 576. The two were coming back to Mumbai after a long time spent in Frankfurt. The two were holding their hands throughout the entire journey, and were not the least disturbed that they were seen. As the two sat next to each other in the first class cabin, they were also seen kissing by everyone in the plane.

However, they were left alone. Almost. They were very careful at first, looking around to see if someone looked familiar. The two were on a flight next to many European businessmen, so the couple was not recognized by everyone. Except for a few fans, who could not believe their eyes!

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