Ranbir upset Salman

Mumbai: Salman is very irritated, and now has his mind set up to damage a certain Bollywood actor’s career. It is very dangerous to irk Salman Khan, and once one has done it, stay away and get ready to face the consequences!

Now, the one who’d better be prepared is Ranbir Kapoor, who recently said that he has never dated Katrina Kaif. This remark upset Sallu. He went to the house of his friends who are producers, including Sajid Nadiadwala and Bhushan Kumar, asking them not to cast Ranbir in any of their productions.

The love story between Kat and Sallu may be over, but Salman is still very possessive when it comes to Katrina, and he cannot tolerate any comments that might hurt her. Salman’s problem with Ranbir started the moment that RK and Kat’s affair started. Now, after Ranbir stated on a news channel that there was never an affair, statement which is believed to have affected Kat, Salman really got upset.

Wonder to what extend will Ranbir’s career be affected by his little comment.

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