Ranveer mad about Kareena Kapoor

New Delhi: The leading actor of the successful film “Band Baaja Baraat”, Ranveer Singh, went completely crazy at the sight of Kareena Kapoor, as she was standing in front of him. Ranveer was simply out of his mind, as Kareena is one of his favorite actresses, and he could not hide his excitement. In fact, Ranveer started acting like a little child, jumping around the actress.

The meeting took place at the Yash Raj Films studio, and Ranveer was terribly excited about it. He was just preparing to leave the studio when Kareena was coming, and the accidental meeting between the two was probably the highlight of Ranveer’s week.

Kareena, however, was not that excited. Truth be told, she felt really embarrassed about it. She asked him patiently to calm down, moment when Ranveer probably realized what he has done, and looked right and left rapidly to see if anyone had witnessed the scene. Kareena graciously praised Ranveer for his acting skills, and said that she has heard many good things about him.

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