Saif Ali Khan punches a man at Taj hotel and case registered against him

Mumbai: Well, stars are considered to be the icons and the public properties but what you start thinking about them when they misbehave and fight with the public, who love them and adore them? Post Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s punches, it is now the turn of Saif Ali Khan. Saif punched a man in the face at Taj hotel in Mumbai.

The reports reveal that Khan landed into a brawl with a man at a pub of five star hotel last night and the fight ended up Saif’s punching the man in his face. Police have also confirmed the fight taken place at Taj Hotel last night between Saif Ali Khan and a man. Police have registered a case under section 325 of the IPC against the Bollywood star. The whole saga is that Saif Ali Khan along with his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor and fewer friends such as Amrita Arora Ladak, her hubby Shakeel Ladak and Malaika Arora Khan were sitting at Wasabi restaurant at Taj Hotel and having the dinner. Iqbal Sharma, who is the resident of Juhu, was there on the adjoining table and eating the dinner with his family. There was much noise emerging from Saif’s table, which was disturbing Iqbal and his family. The man complained about the noise. Saif did not like complaining of the man and got angry over it. This lead to a fight between the two and Saif Ali Khan asked Iqbal to go to library if he wants peace.

The sources tell that the fight initially took place between Shakeel Ladak and Iqbal and Saif intervened to clear it but at last landed into brawl with the man. Saif then gave a punch in the face of Iqbal. After the fight, Iqbal filed a complaint against the star and his associates saying they assaulted him badly with punches and he had a fracture on his nose. Colaba police have registered the case against Saif Ali Khan and his associates.

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