Salman angry with Bhansali, Hrithik mad at Salman

The fact that the friendship between the two celebrities Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Salman Khan has come to an end some time ago in known by the public. Since Bhansali casted Salman in his first film, “Khamoshi” and some other films, Salman thought he was the only star Bhansali wold see. When the director casted another actor, Salman got very offended and blathered some nasty things about him.

Now, the one who is offended is Hrithik. It seems that some comments Salman has made got Hrithik quite angry, and his reaction was completely out of place.

Salman is believed to have had a dig about “Guzaarish”, at Bhansali. Hrithik reacted quite prompt and immediately after, he texted Salman back, saying how disappointed he was with the latter’s behavior.

In the end, Hrithik realized that Salman was not referring to him, but solely to Bhansali, and later apologized for his reaction.

Hrithik probably cannot wait for the New Year to come, as 2010 was not a good year for him. Relax, Hrithik! It could have been worse.

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