Salman does not wish reconciliation with SRK

New Delhi: An award function which was held recently made the delight of the audience. Arbaaz Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have met. Having the chance to talk more and get to know each other better has allowed them to bond. Arbaaz liked SRK so much, that he decided to play matchmaker between the King and his own brother, Salman Khan, trying to make them put their rivalry.

Salman Khan did not really appreciate his brother’s effort and good intentions, and now he is very upset with Arbaaz. A close source stated that Salman does not really have the habit of forgiving his enemies, regardless of the reason for their misunderstandings, fact already known by everybody.

It is in Salman Khan’s nature to not forgive his rivals, and it is impossible for him to try and change now. Considering the Vivek Oberoi subject, Arbaaz shoud have seen the reaction of his brother coming.

Salman simply asked Arbaaz to stay far from the controversy, and not waste his own time and energy into an impossible thing.

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