Salman Khan and Karan Johar, best friends?

Honestly, we do not know what strings the guy pulls, but he always manages to get everybody on his show. Obviously, we’re talking about Karan Johar and his talk show, “Koffee With Karan”. This time, Karan managed to get on his couch no one else but the Bollywood Macho Man, Salman Khan. Considering the fact that Karan is a close friend of Shahrukh Khan, fierce enemy of Salman, this could not have been easy for him.

That’s not the news, though. A little birdie whispered that Salman was to be on the show with Aamir. However, the latter refused.

Well, ever since the Salman came and had a chat with Karan, the two seem to be in very good terms now. After the episode, Karan was seen in Salman’s residence, on several occasions. And another proof of their friendship, Salman uploaded on his Twitter account a photo of him and Karan, with model Hrishant Goswami.

Since Salman and Aamir refused to be on the show together, Aamir came with his wife on another episode.

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