Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor – where is enmity?

Mumbai: Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor’s enmity – we all know. It exists largely and we all know why? Reason: Ktarina Kaif who has been the girlfriend of both the stars. Although she was the first girlfriend of Salman and then went into the arms of Ranbir, but since we are aware of Salman’s being the enemy of those who get close or attached to his love interests. Thus Salman and Ranbir’s enmity happened when Ranbir came into the life of Katrina Kaif.

Even post the breakup of Katrina and Ranbir, the enmity remained between the two stars. Salman is famous for having enmity with his ex-girlfriends’ lovers and he is not the one who lets bygones be bygones easily.

But what this happened with Sallu Bhai that he changed his mind for Ranbir Kapoor that he invited him over lunch together and chatted with him on the sets. Recently Salman extended his hand of friendship to Ranbir Kapoor. Both were shooting for their respective films at mehboob Studios when Salman Khan invited Ranbir over having lunch together. The invitation was gladly accepted by Ranbir and the two then had meals together. Eyewitnesses said that both chatted for quite some time and were in good mood while having meals together. But the eyewitnesses were unable to learn what they were talking about.

The sources saw something weird between the two stars as initially the talks were awkward but later got smooth. Since Katrina is the bone of contention between the two, the paparazzi are after what they were talking about. Let’s hope there was something smoother and this enmity would turn into friendship. Many of the fans of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan want friendship between the two superstars. Let’s wish it will happen soon and the two will again work together in movies.

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