Salman Khan angry with Katrina?

According to the latest buzz in Bollywood Salman Khan is apparently offended by Katrina’s open declaration of love for Ranbir Kapoor and how she would never go back to Salman. And to make sure that his anger does not go unnoticed Salman has issued a declaration to all his close friends that they should not work with her or else he would not be a part of their project.

A source confirmed this by saying, “Salman Khan has done everything in his capacity to make Katrina a leading star. However after their break up and her alleged relationship and break up with Ranbir Kapoor, Salman is out to seek revenge. In fact, during the shooting of Ready, an A-lister actress was needed for a cameo but Salman suggested Zarine Khan’s name in spite of Katrina being in the discussions. Salman, it seems, has also told Kabir Khan that he would not want to work with Katrina in his film and Priyanka should step in.”

However a source close to Katrina denied and said, “There is no tension between Salman and her and everything is fine. She still considers Salman as one of her closest friends in Bollywood and will always continue to do so.”


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