Salman Khan beats Katrina Kaif on wearing figure hugging dress

Mumbai: A tabloid’s rumor, saying Salman Khan has beaten up Katrina Kaif on the sets of Ek Tha Tiger when she emerged from her vanity vain wearing a figure hugging deep cleavage showing dress, has been making the endless rounds of the entire web and the media.  The matter has turned much hot now among the fans of both the stars and they are now on way to deep the nose much inside to grab more gossips about the incident.

This is what happened, as per the tabloid reports, that Salman was waiting outside the vanity vain of Katrina Kaif on the sets and when she came out of the vain, she was clad in a tight figure hugging dress which was showing her entire body. In addition to that, her cleavage was so deep that she was leaving nothing for imagination. Salman, who cares a lot to her ex flame and there are reports as well that the two have seemingly reunited also, did not like her showing the body at all. He asked her what she was wearing but Katrina shrugged her shoulders saying ‘it was director’s decision’. To this Salman responded that he would see her director. He said it in a much angry manner. But the rumors say that the two landed into heated arguments which turned into brawl and as a result Salman beaten up the milky babe.

Katrina Kaif’s close friend denies all the rumors and says that both Katrina and Salman share a good rapport. And they decided to do a film together just because they had good rapport with each other. She also says that Salman cares her a lot and she is like a family.

The tabloid has even said that much would be revealed in the next issue. Well let’s wait what tabloid has to say further.

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