Salman Khan’s girl Mahek Chahal towards winning Bigg Boss 5

Salman Khan has been supporting Mahek Chahal since the beginning of the show, ‘Bigg Boss Season 5’. This is the rumor has been making the bigger rounds of the media these days.  Pooja Bedi, the recent evictee from the house, too has put these allegations on Salman Khan, the host of Bigg Boss Sesaon 5, that he has constantly been supporting Mahek on the show, thus she will be the winner of the show.

Salman, who has now filled up with these allegations, finally spoke on the matter on twitter to his fans. He said that leave this matter – it was okay-he knew Pooja for last 20 years.

These types of allegations were also put on Salman Khan by Shakti Kapoor, who was also the contestant of the show. He tweeted that Mahek was Salman’s girl and with his support, she would win Bigg Boss Season 5.

The rumors got strengthened when Salman shouted at Siddharth, the contestant of Bigg Boss because of whom Pooja Missra had to be evicted from the show when she hit him. Salman shouted at him after he fought with Mahek on the show. The way Salman was shouting at him was a clear indication that he favored her.

Apparently there has not been any solid response from the macho khan for these allegations. Thus the rumors are turning true due to the silence of Salman Khan on the ongoing issue. Well, wait and see what happens! But if Mahek wins the show, the whole country will begin thinking and raising this matter. And the media too might pick the issue to make the stories on! The tabloids would be adorned with these allegations on the brawny Khan. Well, it is not new for him, as he has always been under controversies and the news of this type.

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