Salman Khan kisses Asin on-screen!

After years of shying away from kissing on screen,Salman Khan is finally ‘ready’ to kiss Asin. Salman Khan has always been uncomfortable at the thought of kissing his female costars on screen and has always shied away from lip-locks in his films.

So when he was asked to kiss costar Asin in his forthcoming film Ready by director Anees Bazmee, he refused again. But surprisingly after stories of constant denials for months, it seems that Salman has now agreed to kiss Asin in the film. If sources are to be believed, director Anees Bazmee and costar Asin tried their best to persuade Salman giving reasons that the kissing scene is very important in the script. And finally Salman agreed for the act.

However it’s not a lip-lock with Asin but a peck on the cheek. Nevertheless, it is still surprising coming from Salman who never had the need to kiss his costars to add to their onscreen chemistry. Lets hope the kiss works magic for the movie as lot of hopes are riding on it. Asin has been in need of a hit since her Ghajini days as she hasnt appeared in a single movie post London Dreams.




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