Salman Khan picks on Katrina Kaif

Mumbai: The famous actor Salman Khan is known for his very special way of cracking jokes and insulting his colleagues. If someone ever wants to comment something about him, he or she can rest assure that in the future, Sallu will not miss any chance to offend them. It seems that after she has broken up with Salman, Katrina Kaif is the next target of the actor.

As anyone knows, he made her cry at the Reality TV show Bigg Boss 4, and after that he was mean with her at the Screen awards held recently. As the two actors crossed path, Salman was very nice to his ex and even kissed her on the chick in front of everyone. He invited her in his van for saying that he wants to talk.

Everything seemed great between the two, but as Kat turned around to go, he asked ‘abhi kiski saath hai tu?’ As she turned he pretended that he had asked the question to one of his bodyguards. It seems that once you turn away from Sallu, he becomes your biggest enemy.

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