Salman Khan says ‘Meri Mat Lena’

Mumbai: Bittoo Boss is a low budget film that is set to release soon but the film has already made a big noise in the media and among the moviegoers. Well, with this mammoth noise, the film is getting huge publicity and now the makers are rest assured about the audience’s crowd in theaters upon release. The music of Bittoo Boss has been launched and the superstar Salman Khan has launched the music of this film album.

At the launch, Salman was quite happy and in jolly mood. He is the one actor who is less seen in joking mood. He is widely seen cracking jokes when he is hosting the shows but in the media’s presence or at the press meet, he shows his serious side most of the time. But at the music launch of Bittoo Boss, Khan as at his joking best. With his jokes, he left the house with bigger laughs and everybody out there simply enjoyed Salman’s double meaning jokes.

Well, this is what happened that the moment the music was launched, he told the photographers – ‘Lelo…photo’.  Then he turned to the leading actor of the movie, Pulkit Samrat and asked him “Pulkit Tu Sab Ki Lele Yaar! ….. Photo … Par Yaar Meri Mat Lena…Photo…Kyunkay Teri Aur Meri Lenay Kay Liye … Photo… Yeh (Media) Hai Na.”

Every soul out there – the cast and unit of the film and media enjoyed these double meaning jokes of Salman a lot. Salman also told the media that he liked the music of Bittoo Boss. He gave credit for good music to musician Raghav Sachar. Khan also told that he liked most ‘Bittoo Sabki Lega’.

The film has been getting bigger publicity with the promos of the movie in which every character says ‘Bittoo Meri Lay Ly’… and also the promos utter ‘Bittoo Sabki Lega’.

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