Salman will stay away from alcohol?!

Mumbai: 10 months! 10 long and excruciating months! But Salman Khan has made up his mind and for 10 whole months he will be staying as far away as he can from alcohol.

Why this sudden decision? It appears that the actor’s brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri is making a new film, “My Love Story”, and Salman wants to be in perfect shape for the film. Apart from refusing liquor for almost an entire year, the actor will also have to work hard and make his six pack abs stand out for the shootings.

Until now, Salman has managed to stay away from alcohol for 22 days now. We all know how much the actor has struggled to gain weight for his latest film, “Dabangg”, which was a smashing hit at the box office, and gained critical acclaim. The problem is now that he has to regain his enviable sculpted body, and it will be harder than it was to put the weight on.

Now, Salman loves to drink, so it will be really hard for him to keep his promise.

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