Sangita Bijlani returns to Salman Khan’s life again

Mumbai: Salman Khan is that macho man of Bollywood industry who does not forget his ex-flames at all (though there are few others as well who walk on the lines of Salman such as Ranbir Kapoor) which is why he is often seen bonding with the ex-lovers – the prime example being getting involved with his ex Katrina Kaif these days. Both are spotted together quite often at various places and they are shooting a movie together as well titled ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ which is being made under the banner of Yash Raj Films.

Few days back when the couple left for the shooting schedule in Thailand, Salman did full care of Katrina who too seems to be much obedient of her ex-lover. Her car arrived first at the Mumbai Airport but she did not get out of it until Salman’s car reached there. Salman came out first and then Katrina came out of the car and followed her man to reach at the boarding to take the flight. Salman, being a true bodyguard of her ex, was continuously looking at her behind to check if she was okay and nothing wrong with her. Even the visuals of the same were also seen on a gossip show on a popular channel.

Well, now another ex-flame of Salman Khan, Sangita Bijlani has stepped into his life once again. Salman and Sangita dated a lot around 14 years back. They were close to marriage but broke up for the reasons better known to them. Sangita then started dating ex-Indian cricketer Muhammad Azharuddin but couple of years back, the couple split after the clashes emerged into their relationship.

Sangita then found solace in her ex-macho man Salman’s arms. He being a good friend welcomed her (as per reports). Recently the two were spotted at the special screening of the movie ‘Avengers’ in Mumbai. The pictures show that the two have been bonding big time. It also has been learnt that she is also making good relationship with Khan’s family, as she used to have 14 years back. Katrina…if you want your man back in your life then open your eyes.

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