Sanjay not upset with Aishwarya

Mumbai: There seems to be some problems with the remake of “Satte Pe Satta”, directed by Sanjay Dutt. As leading actress, the producers have casted Aishwarya Rai, and Ash was thrilled, but apparently the actress has many other commitments and she could not give the producers a date for the film to go on floor.

Several rumors have come out stating that Sanjay Dutt is very upset with Aishwarya for keeping them waiting. Truth is that Sanjay was not upset at all, but after hearing these rumors, he got angry. Sanjay insisted that he is not the least upset with Aishwarya, and he does not appreciate rumors which are spread by people trying to start up differences between them.

In Sanjay’s opinion, people are only trying to create misunderstandings between himself and not only Ash, but the entire Bachchan family. ‘The rumours about me being upset with Aishwarya are rubbish! I am upset with people who are spreading such rumours instead. The Bachchans are like my family. I can never be upset with them,’ said Sanjay, visibly irritated.

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