Shah Rukh Khan punches Farah Khan’s husband at Sanjay’s party

Mumbai: Sanjay Dutt threw a success bash for Agneepath where many coveted faces of the Bollywood industry were present. At the bash, when all were enjoying, there happened an event that stunned everybody there in the party. This is what happened that Shah Rukh Khan slapped Shrish Kunder, famed choreographer Farah Khan’s husband. Shirish is the director of the upcoming film Joker. Farah too has confirmed the incident saying her husband was beaten up by Shah Rukh Khan and his three bodyguards at Sanju’s party.

As per the sources out there in the bash, Shirish was irritating Shah Rukh Khan by following him wherever Khan was going and even when Shah Rukh entered into loo, Kunder followed him. Shirish was fully drunk there. He had come with wife Farah Khan. Irritated Shah Rukh Khan then pushed Kunder to sofa and then punched in the face.

Seeing the scuffle between Khan and Kunder, the host Sanjay Dutt came to intervene but reportedly he too slapped him since Sanju was also upset with him as he was sending the coarse messages to his wife Maanyata and misbehaved a girl over there at the bash.

Shirish Kunder has been saying messy and unpleasant things about Shah Rukh Khan since quite some time and even after the release and success of Khan’s much ambitious project Ra.One, Kunder talked much nasty about the film. He also tweeted for the film saying he just heard a 150 crores firework sputter.

Farah and Shah Rukh Khan’s friendship has not been good since some time now and Shirish apparently happens to be the culprit behind. And now it seems after this incident, which angered Farah, the friendship would be over completely.

Dabbo Rattnani, the famed fashion photographer, tweeted post the incident that he fully supported Shah Rukh Khan as he saw the entire incident since he was present there at the occasion.


  1. adjo khan says:

    Pathaan ka bacha pathano walay kaam kareega. Agaar koooi kisi koo eeesi taaang kaarta hoo aur ulti batay kaartha hooo, tu peeer yee tu hoonahi tha. chay wooo president kaaa beta kyu nahooo… Aaaaj SHARUKH KHAN nay saaab pashtooona ka saaar fakhaaar say bulaaand kaaar dia,,, good job

  2. Sohailkhan909 says:

    SRK is a king, unlike Tamil Remake Khan .. Shirish and Farah are ungrateful idiots.

    Well Done SRK, we love u we support you.. Let the dogs bark

    SRK <3

  3. Shaukat3250 says:

    haath se nahi laat se maarna chahie tha

  4. Rahidshareefs says:

    chutiya SRK . tujhe mera wala sallu bhai hai

  5. Rahidshareefs says:

    chutiya SRK . tujhe merana  wala sallu bhai hai

    1. Mpnagmule says:

      chutiya hoga tu n tujhebhi marnewala salluhi honga

  6. kiran shetty says:

    yes mr.srk u hd done the right thing and u r the king of bollywood and is the best movie!

  7. Kiran shetty says:

    salman is nt no 1 bec he found success only in his remake films like wanted remake of telugu blockbuster pokiri , ready remake of telugu blockbuster ready and finally bodyguard thn wat abt his ambitious project veer?

  8. says:

    wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww farah Say hi to your husbend and happy india day ….. u too by
    Dalia khan’s untie Sanjay Dutt

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    hi my sunshine Kirannnnn Shetty my honey this Dalia khan

  10. says:

    Where is Aamir khan and kajol have you see him too or What in Farah khan’s new husbend..

  11. Pistris2000 says:

    salman to srk ke joothe mein rekhna kabil nahi hai…..he is not an actor bt an old

  12. Pistris2000 says:

    salman to srk ke joothe mein rekhna kabil nahi hai…..he is not an actor bt an old