Shahid and Priyanka – finally appearing together

“Koffee with Karan”, the favorite talk show in India, pursued another important couple to come and reveal some secrets, or start another little conflict. This time it is Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra’s turn to sit down and have a talk with Karan Johar. The two are mostly known for their on and off relationship, but have never admitted they were ever dating at all. Nobody knows exactly why. Karan, however, is about to find out this, and much more.

Karan has already started to promote his next show with the intriguing couple, in hope of attracting an even greater audience. He used the popular Twitter micro blogging site to announce the entire Bollywood world that he will have his next cup of “koffee” with Shahid and Priyanka. This being said, there is nothing else to do for the fans but wait and watch the show to find out some of the secrets the two have been keeping.

As according to some sources, the two are not even a couple anymore. Priyanka is said to have started dating a model recently. With any luck, the truth will come out at the talk-show.

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