Shahid celebrates without Priyanka: break-up announcing?

New Delhi: Shahid Kapoor has celebrated today a very special day in his life, the day that he turned 30 years of age. This was not such a happy day for him, considering the fact that he did not get to spend time with his girlfriend, Priyanka Chopra.

It appears that Priyanka is not exactly enjoying herself either, as she is very disappointed in the failure her film, “7 Khoon Maaf”, recorded in the United States. She is facing the disaster there by herself. Soon after this, she will be boarding the plane, but not to come to patch things up with Shahid, but to Malaysia, where she will join the crew from “Don 2”.

Shahid is not feeling that sad, though. He is having fun as we speak with some of his friends, who he has invited for a party, to fill in the gap. All his closest friends and family are attending the party.

One question remains: have the two broken off again, and if so, is it for good?

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