Shahid wants Priyanka back in his Life

As we all know the current relationship status of Shahid Kapur and Priyanka Chopra is that they had broken off. But their on and off relationship is that good to a movie script. Though Priyanka has sportingly accepted the split-up but Shahid has not yet able to forget Priyanka and desperately wants her back to his life. It seems Shahid is keen to win her back but Priyanka is tired of this unsteady relationship and has refused to attend his calls, which Shahid is making to keep on trying. According to a source “Shahid is not willing to accept that this is The End. He is having a tough time letting go. He has been sending her feelers for weeks, which she has been ignoring. Now his text messages are somewhere in the stalker zone.”
“Recently, when he heard that she was going to be present at Shah Rukh`s party for his team and mingle with the boys, he began to frantically call her. He was anxious like a possessive lover as he wasn`t attending the party due to an injury,” the source added. It has also been heard that the bollywood actor kept on sending emotional text messages to PC and even inquired their mutual friends about the party. However, PC ignored his calls and messages, though she was holding her mobile phone tight. Based on Priyanka’s action it seem that Shahid Kapur need to accept the fact that their so called relation is over. Its time to move on buddy.

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