Shirish Shashank gets inspired by her husnband

New Delhi: Shirisha Shashank may not have been much in the spotlights recently, but she remains one of the greatest danseuses in India. Shirisha made some confessions in an interview, and we are lucky enough to hear some news.

Shirisha stated that she feels very lucky to be Shashank’s wife, and she could not imagine being without him. As she says, she gets all her inspiration from her husband. The danseuse is now working on a new project, and she was willing to talk about it.

It is about a margam. Shirisha will be opening with a mallari, followed by a varnam, then a short padham and will end in a thilliana. The margam starts in Sriranjani and ends in Mohanakalyani, and it is a composition of Mysore Vasudevacharya.

The dancer admits that the best thing for her career is being part of the season. However, dancing has lost its original grandeur, and now only a handful of people come to see shows. Considering the fact that an artist has to work a full year to make a good piece, not being appreciated is very sad.

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