Siddharth Mallya in love with Deepika

Mumbai: Siddharth Mallya, the son of the liquor baron Vijay Mallya is indeed leaving an intense love story with the Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone. Ever since he was younger Sid has always had a crush on the actress and now his dream of dating her came true. From what we have been able to find out, it seems that Siddharth has set his eyes on Deepika since she was a model and was involved with Nihar Padhya.

But being very shy at that time he did found the courage to ask her out on a date, and instead confessed his father the crush. A source close to the Mallya family said that Sid’s father, Vijay often joked about inviting the Padukone family to their place. But Siddharth always said no.

However time has gone by and now Siddharth Mallya is finally dating his love Deepika. We must notice that he has waited quite a lot for her, as in the past the actress was involved with MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Ranbir Kapoor and more.

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