Simbu and Bharath not in talking terms

Chennai: Not everyone can be pleased at the same time, right? Well this is the case for the Kollywood actors Simbu and Bharath. The two young rising stars of the Kollywood film industry are not exactly on talking term at the moment.

The two are the stars in the upcoming flick Vaanam, and have some problems with their roles, and with each other.

Bharath is not exactly content with the role he plays in the film, and wanted something different in the film “Vaanam”. Simbu has a more important role in the film, and Bharath is very envious. The latter thinks that he deserved a better role, as he is a better actor than Simbu.

Bharath is also discontent about the fact that he was kept away from promoting the film, and he should have appeared in the promotional event.

When asked about it, both denied all the rumors. Bharath even said he is very with his role, and explained his absence from the promotion with other projects he was working on.

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