Sohail and Gauri – possible patch up?

It has been a long time since the superstars Gauri and Sohail have argued about their issues and since them, the two were reluctant to even speak to each other. However, the two superstars have never made a scandal out of their differences, maintaining a diplomatic relationship for the audience.

It seems that things are turning for the better now, and the two are almost friends. Rumors have it that Gauri Khan is the one trying to make things right between himself and Sohail Khan. A third party, in the person of Malaika, has send Gauri an invitation to Sohail’s birthday bash, and Gauri did not hesitate in accepting.

Everyone knows that Malaika, Arbaaz Khan’s wife, is in very good terms with Gauri, and this is why the latter decided to show up. Whether or not he had an agenda, this we cannot know for sure. What we can say with certainty is that the party was lovely, it went on smoothly, and no issues rose from any of the guests, or the birthday girl.

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