Somy Ali, Salman Khan’s ex-flame, praises him a lot

Mumbai: Salman Khan, the macho man of Bollywood cinema is a real brawny man Hindi film industry has ever seen, has always been in limelight due to his love affairs with the leading babes of Bollywood industry. Since the days of his first film, Khan has been associated with the top notch babes of Hindi film industry. He has been the actual bread and butter for many tabloids since he is the source to make spicy stories. From Bhagyashree to Sangeeta Bajlani, Somy Ali to Aishwarya Rai and now to Katrina Kaif, Salman Khan has been dating even many other babes as well. Instead of the babes who he dates, his name also gets associated with the women he just spends some time.

We have also noticed one thing that Salman Khan is portrayed as a bad man whenever he has any problem with any of his girlfriend. The stories are developed in a manner showing him as a true bad man doing highhandedness with his gals. The latest example of this is being circulated in the media showing Salman getting annoyed and rude to Katrina Kaif.

Well, there is one babe who he dated many years back, Somy Ali is all praises for the man. The leading actress of her time Somy says Salman never ever hit her during the days they both dated each other. There are even rumors making the rounds of the media saying Salman has returned to Somy again. But she denies all the rumors saying she has no time at all for dating anybody or tying the knot. Talking about her relationship with macho Khan, she reveals that Salman was the best man she dated so far. The actress also says that he has never been abusive towards her also. Somy is running an NGO ‘NO More Tears’ these days.

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