Sonakshi Sinha – not interested working with Shahid Kapoor

Mumbai: Sonakshi Sinha, who is well-in demands nowadays, has turned down a movie opposite Shahid Kapoor. Well, it was learnt that she was offered the leading role in the Tamil superhit movie Vettai’s Hindi remake, but Sinha babe did not find the script much enticing besides since she did also not find good scope for her in the movie which was why she thought to drop the offer.

Since the film is a male dominated saga, Sonakshi, who has been doing only those movies which equally give the heroine her due part, did not consider it to be worthwhile thus said ‘sorry’ to the director Linguswamy. The successful film’s director N Linguswamy has specially come all over the way from south to Mumbai to give the narration to Sonakshi. But after he finished with the narration, Sonakshi was not happy and she turned down his offer of the movie.

In the movies like Dabangg, the sequel to Dabangg (Dabangg 2), Joker, Lootera, Rowdy Rathore and Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai 2, Sinha has worthwhile roles to essay. Thus the film like ‘Vettai’ does not offer her anything strapping to enact. In short, there is no meaty role in the film. Sonakshi has designed a good position for herself in movie world thus she does not want to destroy it with the characters which do not give her meaty part to deliver on screen. Thus Shahid gets disappointed once again after Karan Johar opted out of the production of this flick. Shahid wanted Karan Johar to co-produce this movie since it is his dream to work under the banner of Dharma Productions. Karan agreed and things happened but all of a sudden he dropped the project for various reasons shattering Kapoor’s long-awaited dream of working with him.

Well, we have also heard that few other Bollywood actresses too have turned down this offer to work in this film. Poor…Shahid Kapoor!

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