Splitsvilla winner enters Bigg Boss house – Will Siddharth Bhardwaj survive the kitchen politics

After a lot of hype and speculation Bigg Boss 5 started off on somewhat a sombre note than expected. Even though superstars Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt were supposed to give a grand appeal to the show, it only seems a dry late night show dragging on and on.

Weren’t we all shocked and surprised to see only one male in the Bigg Boss house. Shakti Kapoor, the only male contestant of Bigg Boss Season 5 could not give the show the hype it deserved. However, it seems the producers are rethinking the strategy and including more male contestants in the show.

VJ Siddharth Bhardwaj who was also a MTV Splitsvilla winner has now become the third male contestant to enter the Bigg Boss house. Season 5 of the popular Indian reality show kick started on the 2nd of October with huge expectations and only one male participant amongst 12 other women and one transgender. It seemed at the start that veteran actor amongst so many women will be a treat to watch however it turned out quite the other way round.

TV actor Amar Upadhay was the second male entry in the Bigg Boss house last week. The actor had initially become famous as Mihir for a then popular daily soap ‘Kyunki Saan Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’. Siddhart has finally made his entry as the third male member at the Bigg Boss house.

Siddhart it seems is quite excited about the show and was spotted quoting, “I am the third male contestant, but the first hot one. I am just 24, the other two male contestants are older and married. I am like a breath of fresh air and sparks are sure to fly while I stay in the house.

The VJ landed in fame after emerging as a winner in the glamour struck MTV Splitsvilla. The other girl with him then was Sakshi Pradhan who also partook in Bigg Boss Season 4.

With shows like ‘Roadies 8.0, MTV Stripped and Gone in 60 seconds, Siddhart seems quite confident that he has a strong point as far as reality shows are concerned. He’s even confident of winning the show. Too early Siddhart eh! Isn’t it?

Siddhart further quoted, “The ladies had to settle for uncle Shakti Kappor and uncle-in-making Amar Upadhay. As I am young and single, the ladies are totally going to love me.”

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