SRK, Bhansali war continues!

History is going to repeat it self on June 17 when two films are going to release by the name of Always kabhi kabhi and My friend Pinto. The special thing about these movies is that the former is from the home production of Shahrukh Khan and the latter is produced by the Sanjay Leela Bhansali productions.

Now both SRK and Bhansali have been at war with each other since Diwali 2007 when Farah Khan’s Om Shaanti Om and Bhansali’s Saawanriya were released. What had happened then was that a media war took place between both SRK and Bhansali as their movies were getting released on the same day irrespective of the fact that both of them were good friends before.

To add fire to the fuel Farah Khan made some rather rude comments about Bhansali as she was in Shahrukh’s good books then which further aggravated the situation.

But this time around both these stalwarts are just the producers of these movies and there is no doubt that they will be looking to renew their rivalry. SRK banner’s Always Kabhi Kabhi marks the debut of director Roshan Abbas where as in Bhansali’s My Friend Pinto actor Raghav Dar will be making his debut.


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