SRK Versus Salman – The Ad Challenge

Mumbai: This time actor and superstar Shahrukh Khan has done an act that will make all eyes turn towards him and make the people compare him to Salman Khan. Just imagine Shahrukh is going to be compared to none other than Salman Khan with whom he is not in terms for a long time now.

Shahrukh has become the brand ambassador of an undergarment brand and soon will be seen in the screen of televisions in home flaunting his masculine body in a vest. Shahrukh has managed to maintain his highly acclaimed physique from the time of ‘Om Shanti Om’ when he was highly appreciated for carving out those six packs in him. Shahrukh for his well-maintained body is considered among the fittest heroes in industry nowadays. According to ad personnel the six pack abs was a real achievement for Shahrukh and he has proved that he too can do it. The ad man added that Shahrukh has proven his mettle as he has maintained the body for so long time now and haven’t let himself go. Shahrukh was first a romantic hero and now he is also a fit, classy and fine actor in Bollywood. His latest collaboration with the undergarment brand to become its brand ambassador and the appearance he is going to give in the television commercial showing his body is enough to compare him with actor Salman Khan who has already done these.

When compared to other two famed Khans of the industry, Salman and Aamir, it is sure that Shahrukh stands on his own and made a stand that’s different from others. None of these stars can be compared in terms of popularity. It is difficult to evaluate the three Khans in fame quotient basis. They are all marvelous in their own fashion and the fame quotient greatly depends on the demographics of the audience targeted.

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