Suneil Shetty upset with Shahid Afridi!

At a recent talk show back home Shahid Afridi made comments that have enraged and offended people all over India. He talked about how Indians do not have a large heart. He even bad mouthed Indian hospitality by calling India a ‘bad host’.

Suneil Shetty has spoken what many in Bollywood feel about these unflattering comments made by the Pakistani Skipper. He says, “Afridi is a coward. Before making angry comments he should ask his brother what all Indians did for him. His brother was constantly with us bonding and chatting throughout the match in Mohali. We made sure he, his girlfriend, other friends and relatives who were in the stadium, didn’t feel left out. We looked after them and made them feel at home. I think we were really sensitive to them as well as all the other Pakistanis who came to see the match in Punjab.”

He added further, “If Afridi had issues, he should have opened his mouth here. Why say things after going back home? Clearly, he wants to divert attention of his team’s loss to India by stoking the tension that the two countries historically have. This is really cheap, given that both the countries and its people want peace. A captain of a national team should be a responsible man.”


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