Tusshar Kapoor apologizes to Preity Zinta!

Tusshar Kapoor has apologized to Preity Zinta about the recent comments he made about her on Karan Johar’s talk show Koffee With Karan which apparently miffed PZ to a great extent. In fact it was Preity herself who called up Tusshar and asked him to clarify about the comments he made.

Apparently Tusshar had responded with Preity’s name when Karan had asked him, ‘who comes to mind about botox’. This comment outraged Preity who has always avoided making unnecessary comments about any one else. According to sources she even went till the limit of calling up Karan and asked him to delete the offensive sequence as the show is yet to be aired.

Tusshar Kapoor confirmed his apology,”Preity called me. She was upset and I cleared my stand. Everyone knows that Karan’s rapid fire round is just for laughs. You don’t even have the time to think when Karan puts you in the dock. Recently, I saw Preity’s picture in a magazine and she was looking stunning having lost a lot of weight. So, when Karan asked, Preity’s name just came out at the spur of the moment. There’s nothing more to it.”

Lets hope he learns his lesson from this one.


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