Udita doesn’t worry about her disappearance from screens

Actress Udita Goswami hadn’t been seen in the big screens for a long time but she is not at all worried about the downfall of her career. Her past ventures have sunk to the bottom but the actor remains unfazed.

Her first work in Pooja Bhatt’s ‘Paap’ also did not see good times and the career graph of Udita went down. The actor thinks that there is more to films for her. She says she cannot suck up to anybody in this industry to get work. She thinks in his industry one needs to suck up to many people like the director and producer and keep talking sweet about them irrespective of their work in order to stay in their hotlist and get work in plenty. She adds that there is lack of honesty in the bollywood industry and she herself is too ‘in the face’ for these acts.

The actor seemed to be busy nowadays in her own work. She is writing a script of a love story which tells the story of the love between an older man and a young lady. She says she will be both acting and co – directing in the film. She added that she wants Naseeruddin Shah to be the part of the movie for playing the male lead. Besides she will be seen in the upcoming movie ‘The Diary Of A Butterfly’.

When the actress was asked about her leaving the Mahesh Bhatt camp she retorts saying that she was never a part of any camp and she again says that she is too ‘in the face’’ to be nice to some people just to get work from them. She adds she doesn’t take films so seriously that she can suck up to someone for work.

The actor’s point of view is that she is very dedicated to realism. Her roles in ‘Rokkk’ and ‘Chase’ both didn’t captured the viewers or the market. Udita says that the film ‘Rokkk’ was a good movie but lacked publicity. The actress seemed surprised that how publicity costs nowadays even crosses the budget of the entire movie. She laughs at the present condition of the industry.

On citing other reasons on her career graph, she adds that she refrains herself from multi starrers. She says it’s hard for her to play a second fiddle to anybody. She says she is a real queen in her life and expects to be treated as a queen in the movies too (she says with a smile).

Leaving everything aside, the actress has a completely another take on the item numbers. She thinks that people opt for doing item numbers as it makes a huge difference. She also thinks that what all matters for other actors are the shows and on doing item numbers, they can usually charge five times more than their usual rates for one song. She also thinks item number can take an actor to a height immediately. To conclude she said that Katrina in Chikni Chameli was fabulous and nobody could have done a better job than her in that place.

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