Veena Malik injures co-star during shooting

Mumbai: Veena Malik, the controversial Pakistan actress who is trying to make her mark in Bollywood nowadays going to every extent she can, is again under controversies. The latest one utters that she attacked on her co-star while shooting for a film in Mumbai.

As per the reports, Veena’s co-star accused her of assaulting her and getting her injured on the sets of the movie ‘Mumbai 125’. This is what happened (as per the injured female star) that Veena Malik hit the actress’ forehead on an iron which resulted in an injury to the actress.

The injured actress Vedita Pratap revealed that Veena was not sharing good rapport with her. As per the scene, Veena had to pull Vedita by her neck and hit her head on the iron rod in a sequence but Pratap said that she intentionally got violent and hit her very hard on the iron. The unit then called the director Hemand Madhukar there to witness the scene.

The injured Pratap was taken to the city hospital where she is presently undergoing the treatment procedure. She got a wound on her forehead.

Talking to media, Vedita said that they were shooting for an action scene where Veena was to catch her from the neck and bang her forehead to the iron rod but she intentionally turned violent and hit her forehead quite hard. She went on saying she did not know what happened to Malik that she turned violent all of a sudden?

The media asked Vedita that whether they both had any enmity? On which, she responded that Veena was just insecure and she was on way to wait for a golden opportunity to do this kind of thing and she eventually got and did so.

Well, whether Vedita is right or wrong (she may be wrong as well since for publicity stars do anything and go any extent) but the fact remains Veena likes controversies.


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  2. Tkrajapaksha January 27, 2012

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