Veena Malik on Movers & Shakers – more of a praises show than a chat show

Mumbai: Veena Malik, the controversy babe of tinsel town, has recently made her appearance on the much-watched chat show of Shekhar Suman ‘Movers & Shakers’ – that has started airing once again on SAB TV. Shekhar in his true flirt style praised a lot of Veena Malik and in return, she too did the same. The show was looking more of a praises show than a chat show. It soon started looking boring due to the praises both host and the guest were doing.

Veena, Pakistani actress turned Bollywood star, said that she really got super excited when she received a call from Movers & Shakers to appear as a guest on the show. Shekhar uttered in praise of Veena, saying, ‘she is a beauty from head to toe’. Then he added that she did not mix words rather whatever hit her mind she spoke openly.

It appeared as if both were just trying to please each other or they both were trying to befriend with each other. Shekhar is a big flirt – this we all know and Veena is a true opportunist – this is a known fact. Thus it seemed both were just getting their benefits out of the show.

Veena Malik few months back got bigger controversies (when she posed nude for FHM India) which helped in shaping her career well. And due to them, she got in true limelight and has started bagging bigger projects in Bollywood. Malik knows the art of fetching the attention and she aptly uses the tricks. She has now been featured in various item songs. She was also roped in few movies in leading roles. And she is also on way to grab various other projects. Now she enjoys a true Bollywood celebrity status. What more she yearns for now? Well, she still definitely yearns much more and she can get with nudity and controversies – her bigger tools to grab the works.

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