Vivek Oberoi grabs 80 lakhs cheque and slips from the scene

Mumbai: New Year’s Eve gave profit to the actor Vivek Oberoi and that too free of cost. Well, this is what happened Oberoi was to perform on a function but due to the cops’ stalling the function, the actor made his way home with the hefty amount of check of Rs. 80 lakh without even performing for which he was paid by the organizers.

Reportdely more than 2,000 people were gathered at the event at the Country Club in Andheri in Mumbai to see their favorite star performing on stage but all had to be hugely disappointed when the actor could not deliver his gig there. But Oberoi was in mammoth benefit since he did nothing and pocketed Rs. 80 lakhs nonetheless.

A close source reveals that Vivek did good rehearsal of the performance one day before the New Year Eve. And he even arrived at the scene at 3:30 p.m. on December 31st with his group but when the police got to know that the event was being held without any prior permission they came before the show. It was learnt that the performance was to hit at around 9:00 p.m. but the police arrived there prior to the show and stalled the event with the claim that the organizers did not get any permission for the show.

Vivek had to leave the place without his performance. The crowd got crazy and uncontrollable. The organizers then did settlement with the cops and Vivek was asked to return. He did and hardly could he do a bit of performance since the cops were there to stall the show. The actor grabbed his check and slipped from the scene. Wow! 80 lakhs profit without doing anything – a good job Vivek – isn’t it? After his leaving the place, the crowd started demanding for their money back.

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