When will they get married?!

Many talks and rumors have been said about a possible marriage between Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. The decision appears to have been made, as both confirmed, but no date has been set.

It was said that Saif may not be in a hurry to take the marriage vows once more, after his failed marriage with Amrita Singh. Kareena does not show any signs she would want this to happen soon, as she is at the peak of her career, and still young.

Well, it seems that Saif has recently popped the question, adding that he is ready and that it is all up to Kareena now. Kareena is in good terms with the two children of Saif from his previous marriage, and everything seems to be in order.

Now comes the question, why is Kareena not doing anything? Is she still reluctant, or simply thinks the timing is not ideal? Her career was very successful so far, and she has given much to Bollywood until now.

Last year, Kareena said she will get married to Saif by 2012. Clock’s ticking, Kareena!

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