Why change my name?

Mumbai: Kiran Rao is not a usual wife of a star. She was proved she has a strong personality of her own, and does not allow her husband to tell her what to do. What more proof could anybody ask for than the name Kiran signs with?

The newly director took the time to discuss about this. She has kept her maiden surname after her marriage, and she admits she never even thought of changing it. Before wondering why Aamir puts up with this, Kiran said that he hasn’t thought about this either.

Kiran stated that, as she grew up bearing this name, it would be too weird for her to be called differently. She feels comfortable with Rao and even Aamir does, according to Kiran. The actor has never asked her to change her name into Khan.

Aamir’s wife also confessed that she is a fan of Salman Khan, and wanted the latter to make a special appearance in her film. She added that “Dhobi Ghat” is her tribute to him.

Maybe Aamir minds this!

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