Zafar and Aamir, related

New Delhi: Aamir Khan has made a great discovery: the world is a really small place! The actor found out a surprising fact, that that he is related to Ali Zafar. Aamir did not have any idea about this matter until recently, until Zafar came up to him and gave him the news. The two are working on “Jhoom”, Aamir’s third music album, served by Zafar.

In fact, Zafar is not really the one related to Aamir, but Ayesha, Zafar’s wife. Aamir was quite surprised when Zafar told him. In full details, the mother of Ayesha’s father’s cousin and Aamir’s mother are cousins. Complicated, isn’t it?

Ayesha stated that Aamir knows quite well her father’s cousin. She has met him in Pakistan, when the actor was passing by, and she went up to him and introduced herself. Zafar and Ayesha were invited at the wedding reception of Imran and Avantika, but they had to attend another wedding that day.

Rumors are that Imran was not disappointed that Zafar did not make it, as the two don’t really agree on most things.

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