‘Chillar Party’ profits go to charity

Mumbai: There is probably no news to anyone the fact that the Bollywood super Salman Khan star has donned the movie production called ‘Chillar Party’. However, the thing that has taken many by surprise is the announcement made by the actor who stated that all the profits made from this project will be donated to charity. This new film production made under the supervision of Sallu is indeed a children’s film and the profits from it will go to the actor’s Being Human charity organization.


“I’m co-producing ‘Chillar Party’ in association with UTV and we will release it July 8. Whatever money that we make out of this film will go into the Being Human charitable trust. The profits will not come to me or to anyone else,” actor Salman Khan told the media this Friday.


This children production was directed by Vikas Bahl and Nitesh Tiwari and was their directorial debut. The story of the film revolves around a group of innocent children who have what you could call a care free life until the point that a dog in danger from a bad and corrupt politician
comes into their life. That is when the gang of children make an important decision which is standing up to the corrupt politician in order to save the dog’s life.


The 45 years old actor also stated that “It’s an incredible film. When I saw it, I decided to attach myself to it because it is such an amazing film that I thought that Being Human and Salman Khan had to be a part of it. It is the most beautiful film that I have ever seen. All dog-lovers
should see it, all people who hate dogs should see it, all parents and children should go for it.”


The popular actor Ranbir Kapoor will appears in an item number in the film production in question.

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